What is the Reviews tab?

You know how much we love Reviews--so let’s take a closer look. From the FreshLime dashboard, you can do four things: 

  1. Reply to reviews (Timeline)

  2. Request reviews (Request Review) 

  3. View review data (Overview) 

  4. Track technicians (Scoreboard)

There are 4 sections under the Reviews tab that accomplish each of the four things listed above, the matching sections indicated by the parentheses.

Let's go through these one by one. 


The Overview section: 

This is where you will find data on your reviews over time displayed in charts and graphs. Further down is a section called “Team Stats.” If you have your employees/technicians individually registered, this section will allow you to track their progress. There are additional graphs at the bottom of the section.


The Timeline section: 

Your FreshLime Timeline is your tool to view and reply to reviews all in one place. 

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