What is my $1,000 Paychex credit?

If a Paychex customer signs up for FreshLime, they are offered an $1,000 credit towards FreshLime marketing. Take a look at this infographic so we can break down how this credit works:

As the graphic shows, your first credit will appear after 60 days from your FreshLime sign up. 

Your $1,000 credit does not kick-in upfront. This means that the credit is paid off in increments until paid in full. Here’s some good things to know: 

  • $250 of the $1,000 goes to the FreshLime starting fee
  • The remaining $750 is paid out in $75 dollar increments
  • Those payments are delivered as statement credits on your Paychex payroll invoice.
  • The credit will keep rolling over until paid in full.
  • If your monthly total payroll invoice is less than $75, you will receive the credit longer than 10 months, until you have received a full $750.00

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