What's the difference between Feedback and a Review?

We’ll give you this one definition-style: 

Feedback: an internal review a customer sends that only your business can see. It’s not publicly posted anywhere, like on Google. It comes from the “Send Feedback” button your customers can choose when you send a review request to them. You can tell it’s Feedback by the green FreshLime logo in your dashboard. 

Here’s what you as a local business will see when you receive Feedback: 

(1) Here’s what your customers will see and click to “send feedback”: 

Review: an external review a customer publicly posts for anyone to see. It has a formal rating typically in the form of stars, and allows customers to write about their experience with the business. It comes from a review platform like Google or Facebook, when a customer chooses one of those platform’s buttons in a review request. 

What’s the “Send Feedback” button? Click here 

Want to know how to reply to a review? Click here 

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