How do I sign up for Knowledge Assistant?

Sweet, right? Luckily for you, all you have to do is tell your Customer Success Manager you want to sign up for it. Don’t know who your Customer Success Manager is? No problem! Just call our customer support line at 800-266-8960 to speak with a rep. They’ll connect you with your Customer Success Manager. 

Knowledge Assistant can be set up during your initial onboarding. Already onboarded with FreshLime? No worries! If you’re past that initial call, go ahead and just ask your Customer Success Manager to set you up with Knowledge Assistant….they won’t bite. 

Your Customer Success Manager will send you an email with a code: 

As directed in the email, text the code to the number listed. We recommend you save the number in your phone contacts as “FreshLime Knowledge Assistant.” This will allow you to find the Knowledge Assistant whenever you need to make a change. 

When you send the code in the text to register, you’ll receive a message back confirming that you are registered. Then you can get started with all of the Knowledge Assistant commands: 

Continue onto What are the Knowledge Assistant Commands? to learn more. 

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